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I Witnessed a Miracle This Week

My forty-two-year-old single friend never thought her miracle would come driving from the west in a white suburban filled with children who would change her life in such dramatic ways. But in holiness and purity she was ready to welcome this miracle from the hand of God.

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Building a Palace for the Soul

When Proverbs tells us "the wise woman builds her home," it obviously doesn’t mean we must get hammer and nails and actually construct it, though I do have friends who have been tempted to help the construction workers move at a more timely pace! A godly home is built with relationships.

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The Secret, Silent Bleeding of a Working Mother’s Heart

After being married for nineteen years, I had to go back to work. I was torn because I couldn’t give 100 percent to both callings, and both our home and my career suffered to some extent. I experienced what many of you working mothers have agonized over—the secret, silent bleeding of a working mother’s heart, with all the accompanying guilt and exhaustion and divided loyalties.

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