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"What are some of your family Christmas traditions?" our young friend recently asked us over dinner—not an uncommon question this time of year. Christmas, more than any other holiday, seems to draw up deep longings. We revere the ancient story, eternal in its significance and surrounded by mystery. We yearn for the season to be filled with meaning, a meaning we can embrace and pass on to others. So we look for special ways to celebrate Christmas, to make it our own.

Modesty, Beauty, and Men. Why Should We Care?

We live in a day of exhibitionism, and summer exaggerates the desire for more skin to be shown. Yet, our appearance is one of the most powerful ways we have of sending a message about the condition of our hearts. Do we ever ask ourselves, "What message am I sending?" We hear exhortations to be modest in the way we dress. With different opinions swirling around about necklines and skirt length, how should we understand biblical modesty?

Men Hear with Their Eyes

I took it personally when he didn’t agree with me, adding hurt to the emotional mix I now had to process. I didn’t know how to communicate with this man who meant the world to me.