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Your life is prophetic

In explaining what makes a great story, C. S. Lewis notes one category:

“Another very large class of stories turns on fulfilled prophecies — the story of Oedipus, or The Man Who Would Be King, or The Hobbit. In most of them the very steps taken to prevent the fulfillment of the prophecy actually bring it about. . . . Such stories produce (at least in me) a feeling of awe, coupled with a certain sort of bewilderment . . . .”

C. S. Lewis, “On Stories,” in Of Other Worlds, page 15.

Your life, my life, is a story of divine prophetic intention. An ancient and glorious purpose is playing out through us today. Our hearts sense it. The Bible confirms it. The surprise is — sometimes filling us with awe and bewilderment — the surprise is that the very obstacles to the fulfillment we long for are in fact its stepping stones.

Every burial sets the stage for a resurrection, as promised.

This post was originally published on The Gospel Coalition