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A question every church planter must ask and answer

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“When we go to a town to start a church, are we going there with the primary motivation to build a church which is loyal to Presbyterians and the Reformed faith, or are we going there to build a church which will preach the gospel which historic, Bible-believing Christianity holds, and then on this side of that chasm teach that which we believe is true to the Bible in regard to church government and doctrine? It makes a difference to our mentality, to our motivation, and to the breadth of our outreach. I must say, to me one view is catholic, biblical and gives good promise of success; the other is introverted and self-limiting, yes, and sectarian. I spoke of a good promise of success. I mean on two levels: first, in church growth and a healthy outlook among those we reach; second, in providing leadership in the whole church of Christ. . . . To put the chasm in the wrong place is to fail to fulfill our calling, and I am convinced that when we do so we displease our Lord.”

Francis A. Schaeffer, “We Don’t Have Forever,” 1980.

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