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How Spurgeon rescued a faltering prayer meeting

Richard Ellsworth Day, on pages 223-224 of The Shadow of the Broad Brim (1934), writes of “a prayer service in Metropolitan Tabernacle that dragged wretchedly,” when one of the leaders finally suggested to Spurgeon, “You had better take the meeting.”  So Spurgeon rose to pray: “O God, here is the devil doing his best to break up this prayer meeting.  I hear him say, ‘The church is dead, faith is dying out.’  I hear him, Lord, claiming that the people are satisfied with great congregations and that they are letting go of the right hand of the Lord Jesus.  It is a lie, O God!  We trust in Thee, Jesus!”  On Spurgeon went, Day relates, praising Christ, with “Amens” beginning to rise from the people.  Spurgeon continued, “Come, Lord Jesus, lift us out of ourselves and into Thee!”  An eyewitness records, “‘Amen!’ was our united shout, and the work was done.  The tide of redeeming love came in.  We were out on the ocean of God’s love, sailing.”

How many pastors today have the courage to lead the ministry of prayer in their churches so boldly?

This post was originally published on The Gospel Coalition