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Marriage and the Mystery of the Gospel launches today

Today is the official launch of my new book on marriage.  But this is not a book of handy tips for married people, helpful as that might be.  Nor is this an argument for a certain view of marital roles, important as that is too.  This book is a brief theology of marriage.  Therefore, it is a book for all people — married, single, divorced, engaged, widowed, sexually uncertain, others — all who are open to discovering that the love of Christ for his own is more glorious than they ever knew.

This book also leaves no wiggle room for Christians to cave on the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman, because that configuration of marriage displays the gospel itself.  If we compromise on marriage, we lose the gospel.  I don’t see how any Christian could disagree with that conclusion, after reading this book.

So, I believe this book will be both heart-warming, showing us more of the heart of Jesus for his Bride, and spine-stiffening, bolstering our conviction that biblical marriage is non-negotiable.

Thank you for your interest.

The book is available today here.

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