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The unBeatitudes

Congratulations to the entitled, for they grab what they want.
Congratulations to the carefree, for they shall be comfortable.
Congratulations to the pushy, for they shall win.
Congratulations to the greedy, for they shall climb the food chain.
Congratulations to the vengeful, for they shall be feared.
Congratulations to those who don’t get caught, for they shall look good.
Congratulations to the argumentative, for they shall get in the last word.
Congratulations to the popular, for this world lies at their feet.

The gospel is more than handy tips for improving our lives this week.  It is a comprehensive new outlook on everything, illuminated by God’s promise of a glorious future renewing the entire creation through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

But God is not the only one making us promises.  The world has its own version of events, its own eschatology, its own promises of reward.  We must choose.  And either way, we will be living by faith.

But have you ever met one person who believed and lived by this world’s unBeatitudes and came to the end a satisfied, radiant, wise person?  Even one?

This post was originally published on The Gospel Coalition