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Your risen and ascended Savior

“God has provided for your perfect deliverance from sin in Christ.  Everything needed for this purpose was finished by him on the cross.  He was your surety.  He suffered for you.  Your sins were crucified with him and nailed to his cross.  They were put to death when he died, for he was your covenant-head, and you, as a member of his body, were legally represented by him and are indeed dead to sin by his dying to sin once.

The law has now no more right to condemn you, a believer, than it has to condemn him.  Justice is bound to deal with you as it has with your risen and ascended Savior.”

William Romaine, The Life, Walk and Triumph of Faith (Cambridge, 1970), page 280.  Style updated.

Who Christ is to you is more significant to you than who you are to yourself.

This post was originally published on The Gospel Coalition