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Want to be remembered in 20 years?

“Of all the albums that formed the soundtrack to 1967’s ‘Summer of Love,’ The Doors is the one least tethered to its time.  More importantly, The Doors’ self-titled disc remains one of the greatest debuts in rock history.  Spanning a startling range of styles – swampy blues-rock, psychedelic jazz, hard-coated pop-rock, and even German cabaret – the album was ambitious in scope, but also loaded with visceral energy.  To this day, few albums sound more inspired.

‘We stayed away from trendy clichés, including the use of popular devices of the time like wah pedals,’ producer Paul Rothchild said in the Jim Morrison biography, Break On Through.  ‘I asked the band if they wanted to be remembered in 20 years, and they said, Yes.  I told them that, in that case, we couldn’t use any tricks.  It had to stay honest and it had to be pure.’”

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