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Prophetic power today

“There is not one of [the Old Testament prophets] who did not receive this new certainty of God in such a way that the whole previous pattern of his life, the thoughts and plans by which he had till now regulated his relationship to the world, was not smashed, and replaced by a mighty divine imperative obliging him to undertake something which hitherto he had not even considered as a possibility.”

Walther Eichrodt, Theology of the Old Testament (Philadelphia, 1961), I:345.

“There is something magnificent about these prophet-dreamers, who are so sure of God.”

Ralph S. Cushman, Practicing the Presence (Nashville, 1964), page 108.

Let’s remember today that humility does not mean we are hesitant about God but only about ourselves and very sure of God.  Let’s remember today that brokenness does not mean we are weakened in resolve but only fed up with our sin and very bold for God.  Let’s remember today that when our whole previous pattern of life is smashed it is not destroyed but only remade into even greater usefulness to God.  And let’s remember today that God intends to accomplish gospel miracles through us we don’t even believe are possible.

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