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A Minister’s Inner Life

“Chief corruptions to be watched against: sourness, sadness, timorousness, forgetfulness, fretting, and inability to bear wrongs . . . .

Let me resolutely set myself to walk with God through the day.  If anything fall out amiss, recover again speedily, by humble confession, hearty prayer for pardon, with confidence of obtaining.  And so proceed.

Oh, mildness and cheerfulness with reverence, how sweet a companion art thou!

Few rare and worthy men continue so to their end, but, one way or other, fall into coldness, gross sin or to the world; therefore, beware!

Count not the Christian life to be bondage but count it the sweetest liberty and the only way to true peace.  Whensoever this is counted hard, that state that is embraced instead thereof shall be harder.”

John Rogers, quoted in Cotton Mather, The Great Works of Christ in America (Hartford, 1855), I:424.

This post was originally published on The Gospel Coalition