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Pioneers of a new humanity

“Without going into wearisome historical details, we need to remember that these [New Testament] letters were written, and the lives they indicate were led, against a background of paganism.  There were no churches, no Sundays, no books about the Faith.  Slavery, sexual immorality, cruelty, callous to human suffering, and a low standard of public opinion, were universal; traveling and communications were chancy and perilous; most people were illiterate.

Many Christians today talk about ‘the difficulties of our times’ as though we should have to wait for better ones before the Christian religion can take root.  It is heartening to remember that this faith took root and flourished amazingly in conditions that would have killed anything less vital in a matter of weeks.  These early Christians were on fire with the conviction that they had become, through Christ, literally sons of God; they were pioneers of a new humanity, founders of a new Kingdom.  They still speak to us across the centuries.

Perhaps if we believed what they believed, we might achieve what they achieved.”

J. B. Phillips, “Translator’s Preface,” in Letters to Young Churches (London, 1947), page xiv.

This post was originally published on The Gospel Coalition